Why mobile banking apps are the best way to access savings accounts?

Banks in India offer their services through online and offline modes. Online banking is safer and more reliable since it provides data privacy and security. You can access online financial services offered by your bank through net banking and mobile banking apps.

You need a desktop and browser to access your savings account online through net banking.Mobile banking apps are more convenient because you can access banking services everywhere, including when travelling. Similarly, there are other reasons why a mobile banking app is the best way to access your account.

  1. Convenient fund transfers

With mobile banking apps, banks provide convenient ways to transfer your funds within and outside the bank. You can use UPI, IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS to transfer money, depending on the amount you wish to transfer. You need to enter the beneficiary’s account details or UPI ID in case of UPI money transfers.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a comprehensive mobile app that provides multiple options to transfer funds round-the-clock. It is UPI enabled, and you can scan the QR code of the recipient or merchant to send money. You can also pay your utility and credit card bills in one place.

  1. Easy to use

Mobile banking apps are easy to use compared to net banking. With a banking app, you don’t need to log on to the bank’s portal each time you wish to avail of a banking service. Just download the app on your smartphone and access your account whenever possible. Modern mobile apps are more secure since they can only be used on the registered mobile device.

You don’t need to enter your customer/user ID whenever you wish to access your savings accounts. You can use a finger scanner or login pin to enter your account after registering your device.

  1. Complete account monitoring

Mobile banking apps are perfect for monitoring your bank account. You can stay updated with your account activities, from SMS alerts to push notifications. You can also set payment reminders, auto-payments, schedule transfers, and more using the mobile app. In addition, you can set up an e-statement instruction and receive your monthly savings account statement in your registered e-mail ID.

  1. Secure and reliable

Mobile banking apps are fast, safe, and reliable, with enhanced security features. Along with the user ID and login password, you can set an access pin to securely into your account. In addition, you can also register your mobile device so that no one else can access your account on other mobile phones.

You can receive the OTP on your mobile phone for every transaction. Using a mobile app makes your transaction less time-consuming and secure by automatically detecting the temporary password.

  1. Avail of banking services

With a mobile banking app, you can access banking services at your fingertips. Whether opening a savings, current, investment or deposit account, you can conveniently do it using a banking app. In addition, you also get utility and credit card bill payment options right inside these applications to minimise your hassles in financial matters.

While banks provide numerous online and offline modes to access your savings accounts, a mobile banking app is the most convenient. It offers security and saves time in availing yourself of all the banking services.

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