Things To Expect In a Virtual Orthodontic Consultation Session

Recently the world was hit by a pandemic, and this put many things at a stand-still. Countries moved to restrict public meetings in a move to reduce the rate of COVID-19 infections. The “stay at home” orders made people too hesitant to get a check-up for issues with their braces. Additionally, many people who were in recovery found it difficult to monitor their progress with the prescription and routine issued earlier by their orthodontist. With several physical orthodontic consultation programs halted, patients had to look for alternative means of reaching out to their physicians.

The better part of 2020 went virtual, and most programs shifted to the various online platforms available. Companies resorted to having their employees working online as well as selling their items or services remotely. The dentistry industry was not left-back either as orthopedists limited the moment in their facilities for urgent cases. Virtual orthodontic consultations have become the order of the day for most patients, and so far, it has been a huge success. Similarly, as one could prepare to visit the physician in person, virtual consultations call for the consideration of various issues to become a success. The person anticipating a consultation with their physician online must know what to expect and what to ask before the session. This article outlines some of the common things to expect in a virtual consultation with an orthodontist.

Precision and Time Conservation

Anyone who has attended an online meeting will attest that discussions are straight to the point and the meetings end perfectly in time. Unlike in physical meetings, virtual consultations are precise since the physician will not be juggling with other patients in other locations. Rest assured that the virtual consultation will not be fairly long, and the better part is that one does not have to wait in the waiting room for too long either.

Painless and Quick Screen Test

During virtual orthopedic consultations, the doctor asks the patients to take photos if they have issues relating to the Invisalign or the brace to ascertain the best treatment option. Once the physician is sure of what to do, they set an appointment on when to conduct such procedures that require physical presence with the patient’s help.

Group Consultation

The best thing about online platforms such as zoom is that they provide options for group teleconferencing. This is one thing that helps the physician save on time in handling cases with similarities. On the patients’ side, they will have time to meet people facing the same issues and share their journeys of recovery to encourage one another. Unless the issue calls for privacy, many orthopedics will go for virtual group consultations when possible.

Telemedicine Option

For patients that have already undergone an orthopedic treatment and are in recovery mode, one thing to accept in a virtual consultation is medicine prescriptions in case of virtual orthodontic consultations any incoming issue that requires a change of medicine. The doctor will direct on the right medicine and dosage and fundamentally how to get them delivered.

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