Valuable Information About Shatter’s Characteristics and Usage

Shatter is a brittle glasslike marijuana extract, which is prone to snapping when handled. It got its name because of its breakability similar to broken glass. Therefore, it is preferred by dabbers.

Characteristics of shatter

Weed plant material and solvent get combined to produce cannabis concentrate. Shatter weed is translucent in appearance though its color can range from dark yellow shade [olive oil] to bright honey-like amber. All the shatters appear to possess the same consistency but the physical texture of every product differs. It can range from taffy-like and extremely brittle quality.

Shatter with a high THC level will be sapphire than the product having high THCA, which will be brittle. Moreover, the sappy shatter with high THC has viscous consistency, while THCA is solid and brittle at room temperature.

Shatter is popular for its high THC level but several concentrate manufacturers produce shatter high in CBD and low in THC. For example, the medical shatter at Arizona Organix is popular among patients because it offers therapeutic benefits without the psychotic effects.

How shatter is used?

Technically, every form of shatter can be dabbed. In a dabbing device, there is a rig [small water pipe], flat bowl, and nail [tolerates high temperatures]. The nail gets preheated with propane or butane torch until an optimum temperature is reached. With the help of a dabber drop little concentrate on the nail. As soon as, the concentrate comes in contact with a heated nail, it evaporates immediately. A cap has to be placed over the nail to capture vapor and inhale via an opening found on the opposite end.

Concentrates in the form of shatter offers powerful high along with rich aromas and flavors. It is necessary to use an appropriate dab tool while consuming shatter.

Can shatter be eaten?

Decarboxylation is necessary for activating the compounds within the shatter to get the desired effects. This can be possible only when you heat it on a dab rig. Eating shatter in a raw form will never deliver the desired effect.

Adverse effects of shatter

Cannabis concentrates like shatter has very high THC levels. Therefore, users need to be cautious about its potential side effects. Overdosage can cause paranoia and anxiety. Novice dabbers need to start small and slowly increase the dosage to avert undesired adverse effects.

Make sure to store shatter properly or it can break down into tiny pieces, which can affect its initial potency, flavor, and consistency. Store it in a lightproof and airtight container. Heat is the worst enemy of shatter, so store it in a cool place.

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