What You Need to Know about the Wonderful Work of Phlebotomist?

Is the medical term new to you, then you need to imagine the person ready in hospital to take your blood samples for further test as prescribed by your medical physician. Yes, the person is laboratory technician well known in medical arena as Phlebotomist.

They are trained lab technicians skilled in drawing blood from men and animal bodies as a specimen to be used for testing, for blood donating, for researching or do blood transfusion. They mostly work in medical associated laboratories under the supervision of scientists.

What does actual work of Phlebotomist involve?

In simple words, you can say that they take blood samples and analyze them. The blood samples are taken by using the process called Venipuncture as in the vein needle is inserted to make puncture.

Other functions:

  • They need to rightly label the samples taken. It is quite important work to do carefully, as further tests are conducted on the basis of the blood sample. Hence, only trained Phlebotomists are appointed to do the work.
  • They initially before taking the sample make the patient understand the way they are going to take the blood sample. This gesture helps to make the patient feel comfortable.
  • The blood samples are taken by them through puncturing arteries and veins present in the arms of the patient.
  • A good Phlebotomist makes sure that the patient doesn’t feel any pain while drawing blood from arteries and veins.
  • They categorise the samples using hi tech lab equipment and computers.

The job of Phlebotomist isn’t an easy job as they may get tired by working effectively the whole day. It is understandable that the work needs a lot of patience and while procedure of blood sampling needs to be done perfectly otherwise there are chances of jeopardizing the whole blood sampling tests process. If the samples are rightly labelled and not kept at the right place there are chances of blood getting cross contaminated as blood samples can interact with each other.

Hence, to be a Phlebotomist you need to be organised, logical thinker and be efficient in your work. While getting certified as a full trained Phlebotomist you can choose any medical faculties area like blood bank services, pharmaceutical firms or in heath care faculty testing laboratory. You can choose it as a career by enrolling in reputed medical faculty to do curso de flebotomista. It is a rewarding career, hence if you are interested in medical field, you can choose to become a good Phlebotomist.

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