Cleaning of Invisalign Trays Require Dedicated Time – Do’s & Don’ts To Keep Them In Shape

Forget about the days when you cannot freely smile and talk with the metal braces on your teeth. It is uncomfortable especially when there are special occasions around. Invisalign trays are the invention of the modern-day braces for your teeth that provides lesser visibility.

However, you need to know how to clean Invisalign tray properly to keep them stain-free and invisible. If you visit at All Smiles Family Dental Care, you will avail step-by-step guidance for cleaning them and keeping them in proper shape and free from bad odor.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will enable you to take extra care of your Invisalign trays.

Clean well

Just as you clean your teeth every morning and before going to bed, the Invisalign tray should be cleaned thoroughly two times a day to keep it free from discoloration. The cleaning procedure is very simple but you need to use the right products to clean them.

Use only below materials to clean your Invisalign.

  • Mix a bit of liquid soap and water and soak your Invisalign for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t use regular, scented soap cake.
  • Follow the same procedure with baking soda and water. But soak for about an hour.
  • Mix vinegar (1-part) with water (3-part) and follow the soaking procedure for 30 minutes.
  • Mix an equal portion of peroxide and water. Soak them for about 20 minutes and rinse them well before use.
  • Retainer cleaner is another material that will help in cleaning your Invisalign and remove the stains from it.

Brushing & Flossing:

Before putting your Invisalign, you should brush your teeth thoroughly so that no eatables appear on your teeth. Regular usage of Invisalign without brushing and flossing will get the stains. This won’t benefit and will not solve the purpose.


You should take utmost care of your Invisalign. Place them in proper container so that they are not exposed to contaminants in the open. You should rinse them after every usage to keep them free from saliva and plague exposed by your mouth. You should soak and rinse your Invisalign if they are left open for a few hours.

Stuffing the food

Your Invisalign is not meant to break the food while chewing. You should never eat or drink while they stay on your teeth. This will not only damage your Invisalign trays, but chances of fixing your crooked teeth will get lesser.

No Toothpaste or soap:

The toothpaste and soap are for cleaning your teeth and body parts respectively. Your Invisalign comes with special material and coating. Using toothpaste and soap are harsh and shall make your Invisalign rough and lead to other detrimental effects.

Thus, the final verdict is to give importance to your Invisalign, give proper time and follow the cleaning and maintenance procedure minutely to keep them healthy and extend their life.

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