Can You Use Chemical Peels in Order to Remove Tattoos?

Many of you must be aware that chemical peels are generally used for removing outer layer of our skin. Many people also use it for dealing with their acne or any other damage to skin due to mild sun or even wrinkles etc.

However, can you use it for removing the mark of your tattoos?

Let us see how such chemical peels in Phoenix really work for tattoo removal. There is an active ingredient present in such chemical peels which is known as TriChloroacetic acid or TCA. This TCA can burn the entire outer layers of your skin and create a new layer in its place.

Based on the time you allow these chemical peels to remain on the surface of the skin, it will decide how many layers that have been really got peeled off. All these will also need different amount of time to heal or take aftercare treatment for different people.

Most commonly these chemical peels are used for following purpose:

  • To remove acne scars
  • To remove unwanted wrinkles
  • To repair sun damaged skin
  • To repair pigment changes due to sun

They can also be used for removal of tattoos as it can help in bleaching your skin and it will appear as if the mark of tattoos is removed. As a matter of fact, your skin will be lightened and appear as if the tattoo mark has faded.

Nowadays, doctors prefer to use some different methods to remove the tattoo mark on the skin. They use a technology which is known as class IV type of medical laser in order to fragment the marks of inks.

On the other hand, the TCA peel will not be in a position to remove various superficial layers available on the skin due to tattoo that a laser treatment is able to do. Laser will certainly be more consistent and produce more predictable results.

The treatment method by using TCA chemical may not be too safe method. Therefore, using such chemical peel will be an incomplete method for removing the tattoo.

Therefore, most of the medical professionals will not suggest you to go for using chemical peels in order to remove your tattoo mark. However, if you want to use TCA chemicals, you must consult any doctor.

Doctor will properly analyze how the TCA chemical can affect your skin and may permit you to use it only if he feels that it will not harm you at all.

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