What are Effective Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal Treatments?

When you glance in the mirror and notice dark eye bags under your eyes, it’s discouraging. You may anticipate them after working all night, but what if those bothersome shadows persist after a full night’s sleep? It turns out that it’s not simply a lack of rest that may cause them, with heredity being the most to blame. But don’t worry; it’s not hard to make them disappear or look lighter with eyebag removal treatments.

What are Dark Eye Circles?

Most dark eye circles are caused by blood vessels beneath the eyes that may be visible through the skin. Because deoxygenated blood’s blue, it emits a bluish tinge as it passes near to the skin’s surface.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?


If you have light skin, you may sadly add dark eye circles following sun damage to your list of skin-related problems. Fair skin is more translucent, enabling more of the blood vessel’s blue colour to shine through. Other genetic features that lead to dark eye circles include thin skin, Periorbital Hyperpigmentation, and deep-set bone structure, which may produce shadowing around the eyes.


As we age, our skin loses collagen and thins, making it more transparent. Skin starts to droop, which may result in darkening around the eyes.


Histamines generated during an allergy reaction inflame and enlarge the blood vessels. Rubbing the eyes to relieve irritation is also ineffective since it might result in burst blood vessels.

Disease and/or Medications

Anemia, or a lack of iron, may cause dark eye circles because insufficient oxygen reaches the body’s tissues. Liver issues might also be a factor. Any medicine that causes blood vessels to dilate might cause darkening of the eye circles.

Congestion In The Nose

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, nasal congestion might produce dark eye circles by widening and darkening the veins that flow from the eyes to the nose. To relieve some of the pressure, use a saline spray or a neti pot.

Treatment Alternatives

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has recently gained popularity in the treatment of aggressive acne. Lasers not only provide promising outcomes, but they are also non-invasive treatments with little downtime. While more study is needed to determine the best laser for acne, the PicoSure Laser is a current favorite among physicians and patients. The pico laser has many lenses and wavelengths to treat various phases and forms of acne, such as inflammation and acne scars. Having said that, laser therapy outcomes differ amongst individuals, and some may need more therapies than others.

Fillers for the Skin

Hyaluronic acid is utilized to make dermal fillers that are used to correct tear trough deformity. Hyaluronic acid is typically present in the skin, although its concentration decreases with age. When hyaluronic acid is injected into the tear through depression, it both volumizes the region of depression and hydrates the skin. The black circle beneath the eye is immediately lightened.

Rejuran (Eye)

Rejuran is a popular eyebag removal procedure. Polynucleotide (PN), an improved variant of Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), is used to naturally stimulate collagen formation and revitalize skin.

It provides a more obvious and long-lasting benefit than eye creams. Rejuran I may be ideal for you if you need dark eye circles removed in a short period of time. It is a natural skin healer that has been authorized by the Korean FDA and the Singapore HSA for the eye region. It is a low viscosity injectable that is highly enriched in DNA extract and salmon polynucleotides. The low viscosity allows for less downtime and swelling after treatment and has been shown to revitalize your dark eye circles and under eyes. With Rejuran I your under eyes will be light, supple, moisturized, smooth, sparkling, radiant, and luminous.

Rejuran I promotes rejuvenation by repairing and regenerating cells. Because collagen formation begins 28 days following treatment, noticeable benefits are gradual and long-lasting. This implies that the effects become more powerful with each session. How many sessions are necessary? It all depends on how serious your problem is. However, four treatments spaced four weeks apart are usually required. Maintenance may also be done every six months.

Collagen synthesis and skin remodeling occur in stages. This thickens and strengthens the skin structure overlaying the blood vessels behind the eyes, decreasing the bloodshot appearance. The hollowness is raised by infusing Rejuran I into the tear trough hollows behind the eye bags owing to the thickening and strengthening of the skin structure. This results in a more smooth and complete contour between the upper cheekbones and under eyes.

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