Iqaluit Dental Clinic Explains Tonsil Stones: Symptoms, Causes, and How to Remove Them


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, tonsil stones are yellow or white formations on or within the tonsils. Their size ranges from that of a rice grain to a grape. That’s why they may not be visible in all cases. Let’s check out the causes and symptoms of tonsil stones and how you can remove them.

The Details

  1. Tonsil stone causes – Tonsils are made of tunnels, crevices, and pits collectively known as tonsil crypts. However, as you consume food or breathe in, everything from food and saliva to mucus and dead skin cells may get trapped in tonsil crypts and build up over time. The build-up can harden over time and may even feed fungi or bacteria. With more time, small, hardened debris turns into tonsil stones.

Some may have just one stone while others may have many. Tonsil stones mainly form when you have poor dental hygiene, chronic sinus issues, larger than normal tonsils, or inflamed tonsils.

  1. Tonsil stone symptoms – Even if your tonsil stones are tiny, there are several noticeable symptoms that give them away. Here are some of the common tonsil symptoms:
  • Sore throat
  • Ear Pain
  • Bad Breath.
  • Ongoing Cough
  • Swollen Tonsils
  • Trouble in Swallowing
  • Yellow or white formation on the tonsil.
  1. Preventative measures – When you know the causes of tonsil stones, the preventative measures become very apparent. Stop smoking and other such habits that may aggravate the tonsils. Gargle regularly with salt water, drink a lot of water regularly and practice good oral hygiene.
  1. Removing tonsil stones by coughing and gargling – Tonsil stones are hardened debris formed in the tonsil crypts. So, if you have a particularly strong cough, you may be able to remove one. Apart from coughing, gargling is the best method to remove tonsil stones at home. Get lukewarm salt water and gargle vigorously to disengage the tonsil stones. Salt stimulates your mouth’s chemistry and may also be able to get rid of the bad odour caused by tonsil stones.
  1. Surgical methods – When the tonsil stone is stubbornly lodged in the crevices, you need medical help to remove it. Coblationcryptolysis is a surgical procedure where radio waves turn a salt solution into charged ions. Those ions can cut through tissue without heat and reduce the tonsil stones into nothing.

On the other hand, laser tonsil cryptolysis is a procedure where a controlled laser burns away the lodged tonsil stone. Local anaesthesia is used to minimize discomfort. You can also opt for tonsillectomy in severe or chronic cases. It’s not usually recommended since it has a low success rate and involves removing your tonsils, not just the stones. Don’t opt for it unless you’ve exhausted all other options.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests that you take care of your tonsils and check for the above-mentioned symptoms to identify them. If you’re diagnosed with tonsil stones, you need to take the proper precautions and make sure to remove those formations with the proper procedures.

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