Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukrainian law allows women to become surrogate mothers.

And Ukrainian citizens and foreigners can have children by surrogate mothers who are Ukrainian citizens.

Moreover, Ukraine is becoming the European center of surrogacy and there are many reasons for that.


Surrogate motherhood is an additional reproductive technology and one of the methods of treatment of childlessness.

When using this method, the woman (surrogate mother) voluntarily chooses to become pregnant to bear and give birth to a child who will later be given to the expectant parents.

From the medical point of view, surrogacy (which is carried out through extracorporeal reproduction/ECP) is the transfer of an embryo, the mother’s genetic material is transferred using the in vitro technique (“in vitro”) to the empty uterus of the woman who will finalize and procreate it.

Why has surrogacy become widespread in Ukraine?

Among the reasons are the following:

Understandable and supportive legislation.

The laws on surrogacy do not contain any harsh requirements, restrictions or prohibitions.

For example, all that is needed to start the procedure from the prospective parents – the presence of medical conditions, as well as the standard package of documents (application, copies of passports and marriage certificate).

No additional documents or approvals from the prospective parents (even if they are foreigners) are required.

The law describes the medical procedure for the surrogacy program, determines who are the parents of the child (and other paternity, maternity), and establishes the procedure for obtaining documents on the birth of a child.

Surrogacy, as a rule, is carried out on a commercial basis.

Surrogate parents sign a contract with a surrogate mother, who receives payments for the services provided.

The law does not specify any special requirements for the surrogate’s contract, so the parties may describe in detail both medical aspects (e.g. the number of fertility tests, medical examinations during pregnancy) and economic aspects thereof.

You can also stipulate for what and how much the surrogate receives the money (taking into account the wishes of the woman, for example, visiting yoga for pregnant women, special diet or supervision).

A separate agreement must be made with the medical clinic that is carrying out the pregnancy (in practice, there are also trilateral agreements).

There is a great variety of medical clinics in Ukraine that use assisted reproductive technologies.

They are available in almost every large city. These clinics necessarily have a license, appropriate equipment and highly qualified medical staff. That is why expectant mothers always have a sufficiently good choice, as well as surrogate mothers who cooperate with clinics.

After a child is born, it is not necessary to have her reinstated or undergo other procedures, including those of the court.

It is enough to register the birth of the child.

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