Maple Syrup is an Important Ingredient to Have in Kitchen Instead of Refined Sugar

Maple syrup is prepared from the xylem sap that is obtained from black, red or sugar maple trees. There are many other maple species from which syrup can be prepared, but these three are high quality species. Before winter these trees stock starch in roots as well as trunks. This starch is transformed to sugar that increases in sap in early spring and late winter. Holes are drilled in the trunks to extract sap later on which is heated and processed to retain the highly concentrated syrup after water evaporates from it.

It’s said that maple liquid was first found in North America. Now every country provides fine quality of maple liquid to people. However, it is difficult to confirm if the product is real or fake. There are many companies who provide added preservatives and artificial sugar in the syrup. Therefore, it is wise to always get it from an assured and verified store.

One such store that can offer you with high quality maple sauce in Quebec, Canada is Delices Erable & Cie. They started production of maple sauce in 1999 from Vancouver and now have 6 branches in Quebec. Earlier they were just concentrating on maple syrup, but with time they eventually started producing good quality honey and cranberry in variations as well. To know more about them you can check their website   

Maple syrup isn’t just an alternative to refined sugar, but it also has medicinal benefits –

  • Maple syrup contains antioxidants and if you want good amount of antioxidant, then buy darkest version of maple syrup. Antioxidant helps in fighting free radicals, which helps in increasing immunity.

  • It contains magnesium which is beneficial for functioning of nervous systems, zinc prevents illness and improves immunity and small amount of calcium that is good for bones.
  • Refined sugar increases chances of diabetes, but maple syrup maintains the glucose level in body which is considered to be healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that syrup should be consumed in large amount.
  • Refined sugar at the end leaves uneasiness in abdomen and increases weight, but maple syrup balances the amount of sugar content which controls weight and also reduces abdominal discomfort.
  • Health conscious people switch to artificial sweetener instead of polished sugar. However, artificial sweetener increases the chances of migraines, weight gain, depression etc. therefore it is better to stick to natural syrup.

During summer you aren’t just dehydrated, but also face loss of many nutrients and vitamins. Intake of maple liquid in milk, tea, snacks helps in maintaining those nutrients. Therefore, stick to natural ingredient to not face any harmful consequences.

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