CBD Oil – Its Effect and Advantages

Ever since CBD has been legalized in many parts of the USA, patients have openly started discussing about CBD oil and Marijuana with their doctor, which was a banned item just few years back.

You will be in fact surprised to find few benefits offered by OnlyPure CBD and therefore in this post, we shall discuss more about CBD.

What is CBD?

Actually, CBD is obtained from Cannabis sativa plant that also produces hemp and marijuana. However, CBD does not contain any THC, which is responsible for producing a “high” effect.

CBD is in fact extracted from the resins of cannabis flowers and buds and then it is further diluted with some other oil such as MCT.

Common perception of Marijuana is that it is intoxicating substance however, since due to absence of THC content, CBD is completely safe to consume.

How does it affect our body?

CBD will generally work in our body’s endocannabinoid system. Main job of this system is to maintain the homeostasis and also help our body adapt to various outside stressors.

There can be 2 main cannabinoid types:

  • Endo which is naturally produced within our body
  • Phyto which is produced from plant.

CBD is a type of Phyto-cannabinoid which mimic endocannabinoids, and thus they will act like supplement to give you a boost.

As cannabinoids can interact with every system of our body, it is often considered as a cure for all though it may not be true.

Who must try CBD products?

For almost everyone, CBD is quite safe as per the recent report published by World Health Organization, however, you must check from your doctor before using any CBD product, particularly if you are an expecting mother or taking certain medications.

As per research, CBD oil can benefit people suffering from anxiety or rheumatoid arthritis.

Few health benefits of CBD

CBD can offer following health benefits:

  • Can improve mood disorder

It can directly affect our brain receptors like serotonin and inhibitory neurotransmitter as their lower level may cause anxiety/depression.

  • Lowers inflammation

It can suppress production of cytokine and also induces T-regulatory cells and helps in protecting our body from any attack.

  • Decreases chronic pain

It also helps in decreasing chronic pain by inhibiting transmission of various neuronal signaling.

  • Aida gut health

It can help in treating irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Treats seizures

Children suffering from epilepsy can be highly benefitted which made CBD quite useful for treating seizures.

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