Making A Safer Home for The Seniors in Your Life

Piles of clutter, steep stairs, bad lighting—all can be a dangerous combination when you have a senior living in the home. For families that live with parents or grandparents, it is natural to want to do everything possible to make a comfortable home for all. There are a few different ways to ensure you’re properly securing your home to be a safe place for all.

Keep Your Spot Nice and Tidy

With younger or older people in the house, the more clutter there is, the more dangerous an area can be. With just a few simple steps, you can easily keep your space clean:

  • Make sure there is nothing on the floor and there are wide spaces to walk through.
  • Clear spaces of rugs, as it can be very easy to catch the corner and trip.
  • Check for cords around the floor. The long cords of electronics can get tangled or stretch across the floor. This can be very difficult to see when it is dark.
  • Push furniture against the walls to help create easier pathways to walk around.

In opening up the room, it creates more space to move around. This can help keep any falls or accidents to a minimum.

Modify Your Stairwell

Stairs in a house can be an undesirable feature for many, but they are a necessity. Steeper steps can be difficult to quickly move up and down. Stairs without handles can leave a person without anything to grasp if they were to miss a step or trip. One way to make the trip an easier one is to install a stairlift. Buying a stairwell is a great investment. If you aren’t sure whether this will be a good fit for your home, you can try a stairlift rental; Aylesbury, Banbury, and Corby all offer rental services to test this out in your home. A stairlift rental can take a lot of stress off of anyone that struggles to move up many sets of stairs in a day.

Keep Your Place Well-Lit

It’s just plain truth. More accidents will happen in badly lit areas. It is harder to see, and certain shapes or shadows may melt together. Adding more lights is an easy way to keep your loved ones safely moving around the house. This can be in the form of push-lights at night, plug-in lights, or even adding fixtures. Sometimes even the smallest amount of light can make the biggest difference.

With just these three simple steps, you’ll be on your way to making a safer home for all.

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