How Often You Must Get Your Eyes Checked?

Usually, an eye care professional will insist that you should have a basic eye exam, every 1 to 2 years, based on your age or whether you are currently wearing eyeglasses/contact lenses.

Let us see in this post how often a visit to any eye doctor near me will be really necessary.

  • Children

For school going children, regular eye checking is necessary as they are going to school to learn and as per experts above 80% information that children receive in their classrooms will be presented visually.

Children must undergo their first eye test at the age of 6 months, another at the age of 3 years and again while first going to school. Normal children must then continue to get their eyes examined after 2 years till the age of 18.

Children having vision problems will need their eye exam before 6 months and they also need frequent eye exams during childhood.

Following are few risk factors for children having history of eye problem:

  • Premature birth history or lower weight during birth
  • Infectious diseases during pregnancy (e.g. venereal diseases, rubella, herpes or AIDS)
  • Developmental delays
  • Crossed or turned eyes (strabismus)
  • Past family history of having eye disease
  • Physical diseases
  • High refractive errors

Also, those children wearing currently eyeglasses or any contact lenses must have annual eye testing done regularly.

Unfortunately, it was noticed that many American children are not receiving adequate eye care that they really require, and children in most of the poor and under privileged families are at greater risk of having certain undetected vision problems.

  • Senior person

Those who have reached above 60 years of age need regular eye testing in order to avoid any sight-threatening diseases.

Adults must maintain a lifetime with normal and healthy vision, particularly adults of ages between 18 to 60 must have a comprehensive testing of eyes done at least every 2 years. For older adults who are above 61 years should go through annual exams.

Those adults who are “At risk” should have frequent exams. Various risk factors for any adults include:

  • Family history of having eye disease e.g. glaucoma or macular degeneration,
  • Diabetes or high BP
  • Certain demanding occupation that may pose various hazards to their eyes
  • Taking certain prescription/non-prescription drugs which may have eye-related side effects visual problems.
  • Any previous eye injuries or surgery

In case, you have any kind of doubts about how frequently you and your family must have eyes examined then check with your eye-doctor.

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