How much does it cost to get a Hair Transplant at Medispa

The hair transplant cost is a subjective matter influence by a number of factors, either externally or internally. The influencing factors of cost are all same everywhere as the procedure is the same with respect to the way of the technique and the effect of the transplant session after the surgery. The procedure strength is greatly accelerated by the need for the graft’s number as well as the technique employed in the procedure. But, there are a number of other factors that influences the cost matter.

It is recommended to receive the primary consultation prior to hair transplant in India as it clears many doubts and confusions regarding the surgical matter as well as the patient’s own scalp status. However, the evaluation session has a prime role in the surgery, explores many things related to the procedure. This fact must be kept in mind that the cost of hair transplant is not a static matter and depends upon a number of other factors too. The factors involved in the procedure determine the cost matter that is genuine and cannot be underestimated.

As far as the Indian clinics are concerned, the cost of hair transplant in India greatly decided by the number of grafts extracted during the particular hair transplant session. There are several other factors too counted as important factors, but all comes after the strength of the graft’s number.

The cost matter at Medispa hair transplant centre is determined genuinely as there are no other hidden charges that put a burden on the pocket. However, it is a worthy decision if you choose centre as a hair transplant destination.

The cost determinative factors of hair transplant surgery at Medispa is jotted down below:

  1. The Required Number of Grafts: The required number of grafts in the hair transplant surgery is determined by the present grade of baldness. More the grade of baldness the number of grafts would be required to perform the surgery. The hair transplant procedure fundamentally depends on the number of grafts that are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp, termed as the DHT-resistant zone and the hair follicles presented in this areas never get miniaturized not experiences the thinning or loss. However, it is a prime concern in the surgery to extract the grafts only from the safe donor part of the scalp and one can receive the permanent results. Per graft cost in India generally ranges from 25-140 INR/.
  2. The Employed Technique of the procedure: There are two techniques of the hair transplant procedure is prominent in the hair transplant world, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. The FUT or the strip method of the surgery that gives the permanent outcomes only has a lesser cost, whereas the FUE hair transplant weighs a much cost due to the involvement of the latest technology. The hair transplant procedure performed with the strip method requires leaser cost and vice-versa.
  3. The Expert Surgeon: The expert surgeon’s involvement in the practice accelerates the cost of the procedure. The expertise of the surgeon is rated on the basis of their talent of creating the hairline design perfectly as well as the sense of making the slit with an exact angle & direction. If a surgeon is internationally recognized and has many accreditations from the reputed restoration portals, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, and IAHRS may charge you high for the procedure. Dr Suneet Soni has many credits and acclaimed by a number of patients and restoration forums as an expert hair transplant surgeon in India.
  4. The Bio-enhanced combined technique: The bio-enhanced technique of the hair transplant procedure very much is in use at Medispa centre involves PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) accelerates the outcome of the procedure. Therefore, the cost gets increased if the procedure is performed with the addition of the PRP injection. The bio-enhanced technique weighs more cost and thus the overall procedure cost gets high. The bio-enhanced measure with the PRP injection is all suitable with the FUT, FUE or the FUT+FUE hair transplant. The combined method of FUT+FUE along with the PRP treatment has a very good record in achieving the desired restoration goal of the surgery. And, thus it enhances the cost as well. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is such a plastic & cosmetic surgery that requires aesthetic sense and the understanding of logical decision on the part of the surgeon to achieve the best results. And, choosing the expert surgeon weighs the cost of the procedure and at play in planning the surgical procedure.

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