Health Carousel Commemorates International Nurses Day With $200,000 Funding Commitment

In honor of International Nurses Day and the Year of the Nurse Educator, Health Carousel, LLC, the 17th largest healthcare staffing firm in the United States, has pledged $200,000 over the next three years to support a variety of nurse training and education programs in the United States and abroad. This multi-year, large investment constitutes just a tiny element of the company’s Light the Way effort, which emphasizes ethical recruiting and the long-term viability of the nursing field.

The Light the Way program at Health Carousel is inspired by Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing, who was known as “The Lady With the Light” for the nighttime rounds she made with only a dim oil lamp to care for injured soldiers. Since its founding in 2004, Health Carousel has maintained its Light the Way initiative, through which it has channeled all of its programs and activities supporting ethical recruiting practices and global nursing sustainability. On this International Nurses Day in 2022, Light the Way is pleased to announce more activities in the United States and overseas.

Spotlight on Nursing Education and Educators

Health Carousel’s decision to utilize the cash to increase the training capacity of nurses is strategic since it can help alleviate the U.S. and global nursing shortage. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, more than 80,000 qualified nursing candidates were rejected by U.S. nursing schools in 2019 due to a lack of faculty. Similar problems occur globally.

Offering Financial Assistance Domestically and Abroad

Funds have been designated for the Light the Way Scholarship program in the United States. These awards will be mainly given to nurses who desire to pursue either a graduate or postgraduate nursing degree. Chamberlain University has been named the preferred nursing education partner for Health Carousel.

Light the Way grants are also designated for several nursing sustainability initiatives worldwide. For instance, scholarships for Ph.D. nurse educators will be awarded in the Philippines to increase the number of students enrolled in nursing schools and the quality of the education provided. In Uganda, funding will be utilized to create a laboratory for nurse training in collaboration with the Uganda Nurse and Midwife Union.

Bill DeVille, Founder and Board Chair of Health Carousel, remarked, “We’re making a major financial and administrative commitment, but it’s necessary to assist the nursing profession and its numerous issues that emerged during the epidemic.” “Investing in the future of nursing is a tradition that Health Carousel has discreetly honored. Since our foundation in 2004, we have assisted hundreds of nurses in earning their Master of Science in nursing degrees. Numerous honors recipients currently work as nursing leaders and educators in the United States and abroad.”

Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer of Health Carousel, emphasizes that these investments directly influence patient care. Says Dalton, Health Carousel’s investments combat industry tendencies that undermine patient care. “Specifically, experienced nurses are quickly departing the nursing industry in the United States, and our patient population is aging and requiring increasingly sophisticated care. Consequently, the gap between experience and complexity widens. Simply put, there are insufficiently experienced nurses to mentor younger nurses. Health Carousel’s investment in graduate degrees and nursing training is an excellent response to this predicament.”

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