Are Dental Implants Good for Students and Athletes?

Experts consider dental implants are the most effective solution for missing and failing teeth. When handled by experienced surgeons, dental implant surgeries have more than 95% success rates. With these implants, patients can restore their smiles and self-confidence as the implants firmly support the surrounding teeth and restore the ability of every patient to chew properly.

Surveys show that millions of teeth are broken or lost every year because of sports participation. That is why students and athletes must be diligent about protecting their teeth and overall dental health. Aside from inquiring about implantologie implant dentaire tarif, they should know what to expect from the implants.

How Dental Implants Work for Athletes and Students

Even a minor accident in a sports game can result in the loss of at least one tooth. This makes it important for athletes and students to wear mouth guards. Without this vital equipment, athletes are at risk of dental injury. But, in case of a serious injury that caused the teeth of a player to get damaged, dental implants can offer a permanent solution depending on the patient’s dental situation and age.

Implants Offer More than Just a Beautiful Smile

A lot of patients think that dental implants are designed to just improve the look of the mouth. However, these implants can actually do more than this.  A tooth loss can leave the space in the mouth empty which can cause the occurrence of bone loss. This is especially possible for students who are still growing and developing. In addition, the teeth in the mouth are likely to shift because of a missing tooth. Dental implants can fill the gap that results from a tooth loss. Thus, they will help prevent the occurrence of those problems. After the implants are placed, they will integrate with the jawbone without making adjustments to the adjacent teeth to accommodate the implant. Dental implants can last forever and after students get them, they should continue to wear mouth guards and maintain their overall oral health. Just like natural teeth, dental implants must be taken care of properly.

Students and their parents must also consult with an oral surgeon to know more about how to prevent facial dental trauma and other sports-related injuries to the mouth. Dental implants are a dependable option for people who need either a single tooth replacement or multiple teeth replacements. Reputable and experienced oral surgeons can provide other options depending on the injury’s extent. They will determine the best solution to restore the mouth’s full functioning and facial aesthetics.

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