5 Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care

One in every six Americans will experience a dental emergency every year.  In that group, about 67% will opt to go to a dentist while 14% of that group will opt for a temporary solution and unfortunately 19% will do nothing about the situation.

Ignoring dental emergencies will only worsen your condition, risking your oral health and making the final treatment to be more expensive than it would have been if you had visited the dentist early enough. Below are signs which you should look out for to know if you need emergency dental work.

1)    Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a clear indication that you either have an infection or a disease. If the issue is not treated early enough, it can become a big problem and even lead to loss of teeth.

If your gums are bleeding, make a point of calling or visiting an emergency dental clinic immediately.

2)    Intense and Persistent Tooth Pain

If you have ever suffered from tooth pain, then you can attest how painful and discomforting it can be. If the pain in your tooth becomes intense, then it might be an indication that you have an infection in your root or teeth. If the pain does not go away, then contact your dentist immediately.

3)    Swollen Jaw

Another sign that you might need to visit a dental emergency care is if you have a swollen jaw. Having a swollen jaw might indicate that you have salivary gland infection. If you have a swollen jaw accompanied by a bad smell in your mouth, trouble breathing and fever, then you should seek dental attention immediately.

A salivary gland infection is a bacterial infection that is caused by a blockage in the salivary glands. Blockage in the saliva can prevent the saliva from doing the work it’s supposed to do, and that is to break down food and wash away the bacteria’s.

4)    Loss of Teeth

Whether you lose your teeth while playing football or biting an apple, you will want to see your dentist. Place the lost tooth in a container of saliva and milk and carry it with you while going to see the dentist.

The faster you take your tooth to the dentist, the faster it will be kept back into its socket. Also, you will stand a higher chance of having your natural tooth back when it is still viable.

5)    Cracks in Your Teeth

Cracks in teeth can cause a lot of pain. The cracks can also cause sensitivity to hot and cold foods. The cracks can also leave the tooth open for infection. It’s vital to see a dentist if you feel that you have a cracked tooth.

Not taking immediate action might make the crack to extend a factor which might determine whether your tooth will be saved or have it extracted.


Dental problems should never be ignored as they can cause severe issues in the long run. If you observe any of the above signs, then ensure that you seek dental emergency care immediately.

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