What to Expect Before And After Cataract Surgery?

A cataract is a prevalent eye problem that affects more than 90% of individuals. The cataract surgery Austin removes the cataract from your eye to clear your vision. Our eyes’ natural lens helps us see things clearly, but a cataract affects this lens.

So, in cataract surgery, the surgeon implants a new intraocular lens. The surgeon will decide which intraocular lens fits you the best after a thorough check-up.

If you are going for cataract surgery, here are a few things you can expect before or after the surgery.

Before the Cataract Surgery

You may require a pre-surgical eye evaluation exam before the actual surgery takes place. There is no cause to worry about this. This is a minor procedure that is conducted after the doctor determines that you need filtering microsurgery.

Book an appointment with cataract surgery Austin professionals to get your pre-surgery eye test done.

During this visit, your doctor will tell you all the things you should not do before surgery occurs.

  • Your doctor might give you eye drops which will need to be administered four times a day without any fault.
  • If you wear lenses, you need to stop wearing them until the surgery is over.
  • Include a lot of protein in your diet in the form of fish and fish oil supplements. Fish oil is considered to reduce dry eye symptoms.

After the Surgery

Your eyes will be swollen and will be sore for a few days. You may also spot red spots on the whites of your eyes but do not be alarmed by it. It is normal after cataract surgery, and it will subside within a few weeks.

Your vision will not continue to be a little foggy or blurry after surgery, as your eyes will adjust to the lens. But this fogginess will also go away in a matter of a few days. Doctors say that the patients usually heal within two to three days, but you take longer to heal, which is normal.

Scheduling timely appointments with your doctor post-surgery is very important to monitor your progress and to heal faster.

These are few things you should not do post-surgery:

  • It is essential to get plenty of sleep after surgery because your eyes need it.
  • Always wear the protective eye shield before sleeping.
  • Valium is injected into your system during the surgery. This will make you feel drowsy for several hours after the surgery is over.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor the very next day after your eye surgery to ensure that you are healing well and there are no signs of inflammation or infection.
  • After taking a nap, take the prescribed eye drops and the other medicines. The eye drops will sting a bit.
  • When using the dropper, make sure that you keep a certain distance between your eyes and the dropper while administering it.
  • Wash your hands properly every time you use the eye drops.
  • Under no circumstances should you touch or rub your eyes.

If you spot any kind of discharge from your eye other than tears, call your doctor immediately. Severe pain is also not normal after surgery. Book a doctor’s appointment to determine the underlying issue as soon as possible.

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