What are the Advantages of Using Stem Cells?

There are so many underrated benefits of using stem cells. They are super helpful for curing serious diseases. This means that the scientists are working hard to know more about how these stem cells work and what holds more in their potential. The benefits listed below are some of the explored areas in stem cells.

Stem cells and human development

They have a huge potential in research department but to make the most of the potential, scientists have been studying on how the stem cells transcend or differentiate into a number of specialized cells that make humans what they exist as today. As diseases like cancer or conditions like birth issues occur because of issues in the differentiation process, development in the normal calls should be learnt to help scientists treat the errors that can take place.

Stem cells and cell based therapies

They form cells and tissues for medical therapies. Nowadays, they can be found in donated organs and tissues that are substituted for damaged ones. Unfortunately, the number of people wanting a transplant is higher than the number of organs available for transplant. The transplant waiting lists are huge and many people die waiting for those transplants. Stem cells give you a huge opportunity for being a source of replacement cells for treating diseases and can potentially bring down the morbidity and mortality for the people awaiting transplants, according to National Stem Cell Clinic. You can Learn about National Stem Cell Clinic here. The following diseases or disorders can be treated by stem cells:

  1. Parkinson’s disease
  2. Type I diabetes
  3. Arthritis
  4. Burn victims
  5. Cardiovascular diseases

It can reverse diseases

When you inject stem cells for differentiating into specialized cell types, there are great possibilities for offering a renewable source of replacement cells for people suffering from serious diseases. The odds are great to reverse diseases with stem cells.

  • Heart Attack: when a person goes through heart attack, damage the cells and they can be replaced by healthy new muscle cells.
  • Parkinson’s Disease: the death of brain cells in conditions like Parkinson’s disease can be reversed by replacing the new, healthy and working brain cells.
  • Genetic Defects: the genetic defects present from birth can be professionally addressed by restoring function and health by injection normal healthy cells that don’t bear such defects. Stem cells are have quite the potential to cure the genetic defects effortlessly.

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