What Are Bubblers? – Types and Reasons to Use

Smoking weed is a very diverse experience when you consider the plethora of strains to choose and multiple ways to smoke them. Stuffing a bong with dried buds or rolling & lighting joints is a standard process. There are many exotic vessels to choose from when you need to fire up the herbs.

Bubbler versus bongs

What is the difference between bubblers and bongs? The bubbler has a chamber, stem, bowl, and mouthpiece. Bubbler is close to bong but the key difference is in its bowl size.

Like bongs water is used to increase filtration in bubblers, to offer smokers easy, clean hits. Bubblers have their exclusive set of advantages not available while using bongs. You can call bubbler a hybrid of pipe and bong. They are small but the functions are the same. Let’s understand the advantages and drawbacks of choosing bubbler to smoke weed.

Reasons to use bubblers

  • It fills the middle ground between bongs and pipes.
  • They are portable.
  • Use it anywhere discreetly without any commotion.
  • Bubblers with percolators tone down smoke’s harsh qualities.
  • Looks are aesthetics

Drawbacks of bubblers

  • Needs regular maintenance
  • The cleaning process is hard because many bubblers comprise of a single glass unit.
  • Unlike bongs, bubblers can be modified by adding new attachments.
  • While traveling the delicate glass models need to be handled with care.

Common bubbler styles

There are various kinds of bubblers, which comprises of little different perks and tweaks. For example –

  • Hammer bubbler – It looks like a small hammer instead of glass bowls. The longer handle allows space to create more smoke. the chambers have flat bottoms, so you can position them steadily on a solid surface like bongs.
  • Pendant bubbler – The design is very creative. Just string them and you can wear them around your neck like a necklace. It is an ideal choice for camping trips or musical events.
  • Double bubblers – There are two chambers, which hold separate percolators. Smoke coming from the mouthpiece is cool, silky, and smooth. You can enjoy super smooth hits!
  • Sherlock bubbler – It is similar to Sherlock Holme’s pipes featuring a similar distinctive shape.
  • Animal bubbler – Elephant shaped bubbler is a comprehensive functional beauty. You can smoke dry herbs through filtration. The bubbler has four legs, which stands easily on a flat surface.

Carrying a bong is difficult but you can carry bubblers that diffuse smoke in the same way as you enjoy the smooth hit and flavors from bongs.

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