Ward Off Your Age Lines and Wrinkles Without Botox  

Age lines and wrinkles may seem to reduce the clarity and beauty of the skin. It sure is disturbing, but you don’t have to be! You do have so many ways to fight it off even if you are not interested to go with the Botox treatment.

Why consider alternatives to Botox?

The Botox treatment has always had mixed reviews. There are some known downsides to it that might want us to consider an alternative. Some of them are –

  • The chemicals used are injected into the skin using a fine needle. I know that makes us cringe.
  • The Botox are neurotoxins that works by paralysing the muscle action
  • The Botox cosmetic treatment can cost you a fortune
  • Though Botox treatment is non-surgical, it’s a poison that we administer, some may psychologically feel it is risky.

What are the available alternatives to Botox?

  • Anti-aging creams – Incorporate any of the skin care and anti-aging products that’s available in your skin care routine. It is very important to protect the skin from age lines that is developing due to age and atmospheric effects.
  • Skin routine and consistency – Just using any anti-aging product is not enough. The key is using it regularly. Have a skin care routine and do it consistently.
  • Try alternative non-conventional products – Some interesting anti-aging products discovered and recommended are like the bee venom, algae and kelp from the sea, Quercetin, the photochemical present in red wine, apple or tea etc are great alternatives that you can try our without any fear of side effects as they are all natural.
  • Niacinamide – This is actually vitamin B3 and it is great for your skin and to defy ageing. It helps treat your other skin problems as well like the acne etc.  

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Talk to us, bombard us with comments on this subject with some of your experiences with age lines, tips and tricks to fight it, what worked and what didn’t and your opinions about the alternatives to Botox.

Do not forget to share with us if you had tried any alternatives to Botox. Passing on your knowledge may help others to decide. Stay young and stay happy forever!

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