Vagina Tightening Can Be a Minor Illness That Can be Treated with Medications

Vagina tightening is a condition where a woman isn’t able to endure the pain of any penetration. This penetration can be during sexual intercourse, ultrasound or during gynecological examination. This happens due to unexpected contracting of vaginal muscles. Woman isn’t able to control this tightness or contraction, but it is said that this happens due to fright of pain or any other psychological factor that affects during the penetration time period.

Adam and Eve Medical Aesthetics in Scottsdale provide different kinds of cosmetic procedures. This includes dermal Filler, vein removal, vaginal rejuvenation through laser, therapy, skin rejuvenation, fat reduction through laser and many other procedures that help in transforming and restoring the face as well as body. They are certified professionals who have been rendering services since 2012. According to them, vaginal tightness isn’t any kind of illness, but it can be symptom of some kind of infection, injury or abnormality.

Sex and delivery of baby changes the tightness, flexibility, and shape of vagina. Here are some scenarios that can help you understand when a vagina shows problems –

  • Sex
  • Childbirth


When a woman is aroused her vagina will expand, elongate and lubricate. The cervix and uterus push upwards so that the penis penetration isn’t a discomfort. Lubrication helps in smooth penetration and less pain is felt. However, if you aren’t aroused, then lubrication will be less and vagina will not expand, which mean you might suffer with discomfort or pain during penetration. If this pain and tightness is consistent, then it is wise to consult a gynecologist.


During delivery, your vagina can expand, but it comes back to normal size after few months. However, it is a myth that it will come back to the same shape that you had previously. After vaginal or normal deliver as said, the elasticity of vagina changes for entire life. However, if you still feel discomfort during penetration or don’t lubricate much, then a visit to gynecologist is better.

Here are few reasons for discomfort or tightness of vagina –

  • You aren’t aroused properly before intercourse and need some more outer course to fully lubricate. If the problem persists, then you can buy lubricant form store that can help you in future.
  • Infections like STI can make sex painful. Therefore, it is wise to consult a physician is you feel the problem persists and there is also inflammation during intercourse.
  • Any psychological trauma due to sexual assault or any injury in your genitals can make sex painful. Psychological disorder can take time to heal, but injuries can heal with medicine, in both cases the opposite sex needs to show some patience.
  • Congenital abnormality happens when woman is born with thick hymen. Even if the hymen is torn apart, they still feel pain every time during intercourse.

There are many exercises that help in regaining vaginal muscles. There isn’t any reason for loose vagina unless you didn’t give vaginal birth. Even menopause or any other condition cannot loosen your vagina so much. Remember, every vagina is different and therefore it is natural if your body behaves different from others.

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