Treating erectile dysfunction with Gainswave Protocol: An overview!

According to available data, one out of five men report of erectile dysfunction, and yet for many people, it remains a taboo to talk about. While lifestyle changes can be useful in some cases of ED, patients often need more treatment, and that’s exactly where Gainswave Protocol comes in the picture. The popularity of Innovative Wellness Shockwave Therapy for erectile dysfunction has increased considerably in recent years, and below is a quick overview of the treatment.

What’s exactly is Gainswave Protocol treatment for ED?

Gainswave Protocol is viewed as an alternative treatment to drugs for ED, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Most drugs do have a few side effects, which Gainswave Protocol get’s away with. With the help of pulsed-energy waves, the treatment works on the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis. The treatment also works for eliminating micro-plaque and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.

What are the benefits?

Besides the fact that Gainswave Protocol improves erections, it also helps in enhancing sexual performance and sensation in the penis. Most patients get better orgasms and are capable of getting an erection spontaneously. The benefits of Shockwave Therapy last for about two to three years and has been used successfully for more than a decade in Europe. The best part is there is no known side effects of the treatment.

Other things to know

Most patients need at least six treatment sessions with Gainswave Protocol, while some may need as many as twelve. Clinics also offer what’s called a “preventative maintenance” program for maintaining the benefits of the treatment. This is a surgery and drug-free means of treatment and is non-invasive, which means more people can actually consider the option. Each procedure of session lasts for about twenty minutes or so, and there is no downtime or pain involved. Unlike drugs that offer a quick treatment for ED, GAINSWave protocol works on the actual problem of blood flow. Patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease can also consider the treatment.

Final word

Do not shy away from talking about ED and find a clinic that offers GAINSWave treatment. This is possibly the best way to manage your erection problems without relying on surgery or drugs, which may have adverse effects and side effects. Your doctor is the best person to discuss the possible benefits that GAINSWave may have for your case, but it is viable for most patients.

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