The Best Of High CBD Strains Getting Popular In 2019!

CBD has been discovered as a powerful dose of treatment of health concerns, providing energy and creating euphoria that ultimately controls stress too. Different strains of cannabis have been found out with differential dosage of CBD that provide for a different effect each time. The marijuana strains react differently each time.

Some of the High CBD Strains are becoming routinely popular for their mind blowing effects and medicinal properties. In 2019, a lot of new variants have emerged making the experience even better. Here are a few to try!


The AC/DC phenotype is a strain that has the highest CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. Known to be the highest known ratio, this strain has a unique property and earthy flavor that creates a minimal intoxication effect on the person. It is one of the most demanded and highly selling strains with positive effects that have a unique feeling with it. The light hint of sweetness, smooth drive and depth – this strain is one of the best found yet!

The second most popular CBD strain with a high CBD to THC ratio is the Stephen Hawkings Kush. It has a ratio of 5:1 that creates a cerebral high and a soothing effect. The Indica-heavy strain has a fruity taste that is sweet and has flavours of mint to give a smooth head high while creating a balance with the medicinal properties. Because of its soothing effects, it is a must try!


With a smooth and earthy taste and hints of citrus the cannatonic is one of the highly trusted CBD strains for everyday relish. The CBD to THC ratio of this strain is somewhere between 5:1 and 1:1 depending upon the quality and the growth. There is an increasing demand for this strain because of its interesting high that leads to complete nirvana. It alleviates stress and is composed of a lot of medicinal properties too.

Charlottte’s web

The Charlotte’s web is a CBD strain that was created by Stanley brothers particularly for Charlotte Figi. A very young girl going through severe epileptic seizures was noticed to have medicinal treatment through Charlotte’s web and the episodes decreased from 3000 per week to 2-3 per month. Due it is negligible THC content, it is one of the wonder strains with amazing high and medicinal properties.

Choosing the high CBD and low THC content leads to a better blend when it comes to health. High CBD strains are the most chosen form of strains.

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