Health Carousel Meets Medical Staffing Needs

Since 2004, Health Carousel has met the staffing requirements of hospitals and clinics in all 50 states. Health Carousel has been working since its establishment 18 years ago to make sure that there are enough competent and trained medical professionals working in U.S. healthcare institutions to fulfill patient demand. With various programs in place that are intended to guarantee that future generations have access to educated and certified nursing professionals, Health Carousel is a beacon of hope in a world where there is a worldwide nursing shortage.

Awards and Recognition

As a pioneer in the healthcare staffing industry, Health Carousel has built a solid reputation for offering qualified healthcare professionals, creating a supportive workplace, encouraging workplace diversity, and assisting staff members who want to donate their time, money, or both to charitable causes. Many honors and prizes have been bestowed on Health Carousel, both in its native Ohio and in other places. Cincinnati, Ohio-based Health Carousel is pleased to have received the following recognitions:

  • Daisy Prize (from Daisy Foundation)
  • Award for Health Care Heroes (from Cincinnati Business Courier)
  • Award for Community Service, Pillar (Medical Mutual)
  • Best Workplace in Cincinnati, Ohio (multiple years)
  • Best Workplace in Dayton, Ohio (multiple years)
  • Dayton, Ohio’s Top 25 Healthiest Employers (Dayton Business Journal)
  • 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young

Health Carousel Matches Traveling Nurses to Needy Places

A sizable component of the healthcare workforce is traveling nurses. As required, these nurses make sporadic trips between locations. They provide both general and specialized training as part of their services. In order to promptly meet urgent staffing requirements in all 50 states, Health Carousel maintains a separate branch, Health Carousel Travel Nursing, that serves only traveling nurses. Their system for connecting a traveling nurse with a needed healthcare institution is so well-oiled that they often get calls from both medical facilities and traveling nurses seeking short- or medium-term nursing employment.

Health Carousel Enables Breaks for Medical Professionals

When paid medical staff members like doctors and practitioners must take time off, a replacement must be found. When that happens, Health Carousel Locum Tenens meets a critical need. Health Carousel‘s specialized section is charged with identifying qualified, credentialed medical professionals who can step in quickly when the usual doctor is absent. These are temporary jobs, but the demand is so great that normal doctors would not be able to take any time off during the year without patients going without essential treatment.

Florence Nightingale Initiative from Health Carousel

Health Carousel’s Light the Way project, which was founded to assist the future generation of nurses in obtaining the necessary education and credentials, is named after the famed nurse Florence Nightingale. This worldwide endeavor is now being carried out in the United States and a few other nations.

Health Carousel is taking the initiative to make sure that both big and small medical institutions have the workforce they need to provide top-notch healthcare to their local populations.

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