Hacks to Trim Chest and Body Hair for Men

Manscaping is a common technique right now. There is no better way to maintain good hygiene while making a gentleman-like appearance. Managing the chest fuzz is a great way to start. However, Steve Carell’s waxing scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin convinced us that it can be quite torturous. The process can lead to inflammation and extreme levels of pain, especially if you have a thick growth. The good news is that you can escape all the ripping and screaming by simply trimming your chest hair.

It can help you handle the unruly patches on your chest. Further trimming could also be a good way to prepare yourself for a comfortable waxing session. So, if you wish to avoid salon visit and finish the task at home, get hold of the best hair trimmer. It will offer a manageable length and shape the hair on your chest for a well-groomed look. Below are a few tips to ace the process successfully.

Prepare the Chest

If you have a hairy caveman look, consider washing the area thoroughly. This will remove all the dirt, sweat particles and dead skin cells which might have accumulated. Next, comb the hair to untangle and loosen the knots. Make sure to stroke in the direction of hair growth.

However, avoid moisturizing with lotions or oil since it is not a good idea before trimming. Before using a body hair trimmer, do use a scissor to shorter the length manually. This could be a great way to avoid long strands from getting tangled in the device.

Follow Safety Tips

Before using a hair trimmer, do plan your overall look. Know where to keep the hair and which part to clean off completely. Having a blueprint can lessen the chances of mishaps. Further, read the instructions on the kit to be able to use the tool effectively and carefully. Know how to navigate the nipple and chest cuts well to avoid bruises. Further, try to keep a steady hand throughout.

Chest Hair Trimming
The golden rule of manscaping is to bring down all the hair to one even length. This offers an edgy appearance. Further, it looks way more neat, attractive and professional. Avoid going against the direction which can be hurtful and ruin the entire session. Work along the contours of the body for a smooth trim. This will also help you have a smooth and safe shave and make the muscle definition more visible.

Post Trimming Tips

After you have achieved the desired length, consider taking a shower with cold water. This will remove all the excess hair and cool down the body. In case you have waxed after trimming, apply a gentle oil or lotion to further sooth chest area. You can also use aloe vera gel, glycerin or ice cubes to avoid inflammations in case you have a sensitive skin.

Following these steps can successfully help you achieve the desired sleek style. Make sure not to use bikini line trimmer or face trimmer. If you fear itchy re-growth, try to leave a little length. And don’t forget to clean your tools and attachments properly before storing them away

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