Hair loss is everyone’s nightmare come true, especially when you are experiencing permanent hair loss. Seeing strands of hair on the brush every day can be highly alarming, and if you have been experiencing loss for a while, then you might’ve tried everything and played it by the book. But sometimes, none of the techniques work, and it is always a good idea to undergo a hair transplant from Best Hair Clinic Toronto. The surgeons there would be experienced and would be able to create natural-looking results, which is crucial, especially when you plan to undergo an FUE hair transplant.

What is FUE?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair transplantation is a rewarding procedure for anyone who is experiencing hair loss. To restore your hair, grafts are extracted from the head’s back or sides and then relocated into the recipient area.

What to expect when undergoing FUE?

When you arrive for your FUE process, you need to shave the back of your scalp so that the donor grafts can be harvested properly. You could also get a pre-haircut so that they look normal after the procedure. A couple of days after the transplant, it will look like a normal haircut and not a hair transplant procedure. It takes about 7 to 10 days for them to heal. But after the 5th day has passed, the only remaining issues seem to be the scabs in the remaining area, which usually wash off by the tenth day. Some patients also experience swelling in the forehead and around the eyes on day 3, which will spike and then dissipate by the fifth day.

By when would you be able to see the results?

Undergoing the hair transplant procedure might make you impatient to see the results. The hardest part of undergoing the procedure is patient. You would have to wait at least three months after the procedure to see some changes. After six months have passed, your new hair would become much more noticeable. However, it would take about 12 to 16 months for you to see the full and final results of the procedure.

Can FUE be paired with another hair restoration procedure?

Once you have started enjoying the results of a fuller head of hair, you might want to take care of it and ensure that they remain this way. For this, you can pair the FUE with another procedure of PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. This is a natural hair restoration process in which the plasma from the patient’s blood is used to restore the hair. Blood is drawn from the patient, and the plasma is separated from it by spinning it at high speed in a centrifuge. This plasma is then injected into the scalp with the help of a needle. The platelet-rich plasma encourages the growth of healthy hair. This would help you to maintain the results. It is also a procedure that is most commonly paired with FUE.

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