Five Things That You Should Avoid Before Massage

People generally prefer getting a massage because after massage you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

However, you must also remember that while getting prepared for massage, there are few things that you must definitely avoid to ensure that you can reap all the advantages of massage therapy like stress reduction, reduced inflammation, lymphatic detox and improved breathing.

If you ever visit any spa Nordique Québec which means in English Nordique spa in Quebec and want to get massage then avoid doing following things.

  • Drink

You may drink water but no alcohol is allowed. As per one massage therapist, when you are getting massage on your body then toxins move in your body, hence any ill effects that alcohol must have caused may get amplified.

So, better get hydrated prior to getting your massage.

  • Sunbathe

If you are on vacation then it may be tough to avoid but according to experts spending day-of the massage out of direct sunlight may prevent sunburn. Your body can become too sensitive to touch due to sunburn.

You will feel very uncomfortable when somebody will rub your sunburnt skin.

  • Feel ill

Though you have no control on your immune system but when it fails it is best to cancel massage in case you are not feeling well. Often your infection may spread due to massage to other parts of your body.

It is always best for you to cancel your massaging for at least 24 hours and reschedule after few days when you will feel healthier.

  • Self-groom

You should not feel ashamed if your body is not fully groomed before going for massage. Nobody will really care whether hair in your body is properly shaved or it is looking too bad etc.

You need not apologize for not doing proper pedicure before few weeks of going for massage.

  • Shower

Though your intention may not be too wrong but taking a hot shower just before your massage will actually not be recommended.

Due to hot rinse just before your massage may increase your blood circulation and also your chances of sweating may increase during the session.

As per the experts of massage therapy showering with hot or warm water should be taken few hours prior to your appointment which will be not just fine but is encouraged.

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