Feeling Depressed? Here is What to Do with Your Goals when Bummed Out

It happens with everyone that they create a list of goals to achieve, set forward to the path and then give up. Studies claim that 92 percent of people tend to give up. The remaining 8 percent to do stay diligent on their goal, fail often and then restart. Sometimes, while on the same, we often feel bummed out. If it rings a bell, here is what you can do according to a Christian rehab center that centralizes on curing depression among teens and youth.

  1. Be compassionate

As aforementioned that 92 percent of people fail to achieve their goals, so always treat yourself with self compassion rather than pushing your will power. Self compassion tends to release oxytocin that makes you feel good, cared and comforted. The pushy energy will activate the amygdala and releases more stress hormones that render us stressed. So, take a few deep breaths, let yourself loose, convince yourself that you haven’t failed and give yourself a chance to explore various ways to reach our goals.

  1. Try to feel lighter

When you are bummed out, our mind and body goes into fight or flight mode to survive, striving for stress relief. Hence, the new challenging goals seem too hard to achieve. So, take a sneak peek at your general regime like getting quality sleep, small ways to stay active, balanced diet, relaxed and de-stressed, finding joy in staying among friends, and even hobbies. See, no life is perfect, but following these tiny habits can render you more energetic and motivated to explore your truly desired goal.

  1. Balanced goals

Goals are made because we are not happy with where we are stuck but for many, it is more out of disgust. But, if we are solely motivated by a consistent negative belief, then that renders us to push or fight harder for that ultimate goal, which can also render you stressed. But, when you are motivated out of delight and desire, then it naturally and subconsciously stay on the path. It is certainly fine to be bummed out but when you have your goals connected to joy and harmony, then it will help you reap more benefits and help you in staying motivated.

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