Do You Know How Long Edibles Will Stay Within Your System?

Often this question can be interpreted in two different ways. Firstly, probably you want to know how soon you will be able to pass the drug test after taking the marijuana product. Secondly, you must be interested to know how long the effects will last.

We will try to answer both the questions in this short write up.

If we try to provide you short and simple answer then we can safely say that for flushing out the edibles completely from your system, it will take just one week and may also be about one month.

However, within initial 5 days about 80 to 90% THC will get excreted out from your body in the form of urine or through fecal matter.

Now excretion of balance 90% of the edible will depend upon number of factors. The period of 1 month as mentioned above is just a rough estimate, as few users may be clear of it within few days.

Various factors will decide when THC will leave the body

Most of you can buy CBD edibles online and consume them as per your need and also pass the drug test even in as little as four to five days too, in case you are not using it too frequently. However, if you are a heavy user then you may fail the drug test even after 3 months.

In fact, it will depend on variety of factors. Following few factors that may play a role about how soon THC will leave your body:

  • The quantity you may have consumed
  • What your regular diet is
  • How often you medicate
  • How well you hydrate
  • How much exercise you usually do?
  • How much is the fat content in your body?

THC normally remains stored in the fat cells of your body. Larger the body fat cells, longer the time will it take to flush out. With proper hydrating you can speed up this process.

Few mistakes to avoid

If you are not taking sufficient fluids then THC may remain stuck within your fat cells. Then it may take longer time flush out from your body by remaining under hydrated. Often people do this most common mistake.

Few people think that they can drink lots of cranberry juice a night before undergoing the test. Cranberry juice can certainly help, but by drinking it only the night before undergoing test, may not help your cause.

Rather you must start drinking plenty of cranberry juice minimum one week before conducting test so that your body will get time to detoxify.

Also, drinking too much liquid too fast is not good.

Many people do the mistake of not urinating immediately after waking up in the morning.  You should never provide your first urine for drug test as it will have highest metabolites concentration in it.

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