Decoding Phenibut: All You Need To Know About The Nootropic!

Phenibut, or Phenibut HCL, is among the popular nootropics (also called smart drugs). In some countries, Phenibut is sold as a prescription drug that’s used for the treatment of sleeping issues, anxiety, depression and motion sickness. Note that Phenibut is not considered to be a medicine in many countries, and people often buy the nootropic online for personal reasons. It is not considered to be a dietary supplement either, and while you can read more on Phenibut online, here are some of the important aspects worth knowing.

The basics

Phenibut has been around since the 1960s. While a lot of countries don’t allow selling the drug for treating certain conditions, it is used for varied needs, right from treatment of anxiety and depression to getting relief from post-traumatic stress disorder.  It is similar to GABA in terms of structure, which is naturally produced in the brain. Used effectively and within the recommended dose, the drug can actually boost the level of dopamine in the brain and can work as a great choice for mood elevation and motivation. Phenibut is available in two forms – HCL and FAA, and Phenibut HCL is more common and preferred.

Dosage and more

The recommended dosage for Phenibut will depend on the actual purpose of using the drug. For instance, if you are using the drug for anxiety, only 250 mg is considered to be ideal for most people, to be taken three times daily. Phenibut is usually not recommended for more than three weeks, but in some cases, the usage of the drug can be extended to six weeks. There is no acceptable dose for Phenibut as far as recreational use is concerned, but we strongly suggest that you don’t take more than 500mg of Phenibut in a single dose. Depending on why you are using Phenibut, you can stack it with drugs like Caffeine for better focus or with Modafinil for reducing jitteriness.  In some cases, the drug can be combined with magnesium to controlling tolerance levels.

In conclusion

Phenibut has been recommended as a wonder drug by many brands, but be careful of how you use it and from where the drug has been sourced. The quality of Phenibut is important, so don’t buy from cheap online stores, because chances are high that the drug’s potency is compromised. Make sure that the online vendor offers the best possible details about their Phenibut products.

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