Aptihealth Exhibits Premier Mental Health Services For Residents of New York State

Aptihealth operates within the broader network of healthcare services medical professionals in New York State provide. As the premier provider of behavioral health solutions, Aptihealth works closely with licensed therapists and its patients to ensure improved mental health outcomes for everyone involved.

Aptihealth was founded in 2017 and has been growing exponentially ever since, targeting the growing opening for digital health services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aptihealth provides patients with access to HIPAA-compliant video conferencing in a secured network. After that, they can find treatment and support for the issues they are addressing.

Importance of Mental Health

The importance of mental health services has only grown in recent years, and this is a fact backed by the numbers. Nearly 91% of patients at Aptihealth say that the company has helped foster positive changes in their lives, while 95% agreed that the system was enhancing their lives.

Aptihealth’s focus on mental health is due to various beneficial outcomes that can come when attended to.

  • Healing – From stress or trauma, therapy can provide relief that leads to a better and healthier life. Nearly one-fifth of the adults in the United States were reported as impacted by behavioral health issues.
  • Growth – Mental health challenges can dovetail to impact every element of our lives, from how we connect to our potential for growth at work. Patients undergoing mental health support have reported more positive professional and personal development. Low self-esteem and an inaccurate self-perception can prevent us from growing.
  • Healthier Living – Chronic stress and unattended mental health issues can lead to chronic diseases and unhealthy outcomes. Mental health services can effectively save lives while reducing the potential for chronic disease outcomes.

According to a study compiled by Aptihealth, nearly 70% of patients experienced fewer depressive symptoms after undergoing their care plan for at least 60 days. Personalized care plans, along with their convenient accessibility, are working to bring change to patients throughout New York State.

Meeting Healthcare Needs With Aptihealth

Aptihealth works with licensed therapists and behavioral healthcare providers to offer a seamless digital platform, convenient access, and superb consumer support to patients throughout the area. Patients interested in partaking in the Aptihealth program can contact the team for an Intake Session.

After undergoing an intake session, patients are partnered with the primary care therapists with whom they will experience their personal care plan. Patients can access Aptihealth’s best-in-class technology and renowned customer service and support throughout the process.

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