8 Ways to Prevent and Treat Ingrown Hair

If you have curly or coarse hair, you are well acquainted with ingrown hair. It is a condition where the hair tends to grow sideways or when it curls back into the skin. When the skin is waxed or shaved, these ingrown hairs can show up anywhere. This can also lead to infection of the hair follicles. Many times, dead skins tend to block the hair follicle to grow via the pour that forces them to curl up or grow sideways that causes the ingrown hair. These hairs can be round bumps or smell bumps known as papules or pustules respectively. There are many ways for treating ingrown hairs.

  1. Creams to lessen the inflammation

Steroid creams are helpful to eliminate the inflammation caused by the ingrown hair. It also eliminates the irritation and causes swelling around the impacted region.

  1. Elimination of dead skin

When you exfoliate by the means of gentle washing around the area where the ingrown hair is present, it can help it to grow back to the surface. You can consult a doctor if it doesn’t work so that he can prescribe something to you to get rid of the dead skin cells. You can use retinoids or Retin A to eliminate the skin cells with ease.

  1. Rotatable medical devices, needles or tweezers

These annoying hairs can also be gotten rid by such aforementioned instruments by carefully pulling the ingrown hair out with the help of the pointy tip.

  1. Antibiotics

Your doctor will prescribe you the antibiotic ointments or antibiotics that are consumed by mouth to treat the infection of ingrown hair.

  1. Acne medication

Your doctor may also prescribe you benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to cure the ingrown hair infection due to its similar nature to pimples.

  1. Using a compress

You can also use a warm and moist cloth or warm milk and bread compress to the impacted part gently for a minute or two. This softens the area and brings the ingrown hair to the surface.

Means of prevention

  1. Laser treatment

This is a costly treatment to go for when it comes to ingrown hair. It removes the follicle from the source by damaging it. It ceases the hair growth.

  1. Exfoliating

Proper exfoliation eradicates the deal cells from your body. This also keeps the accumulation of dead skin cells near the hair follicles at bay.

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