6 Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Several things can cause back pain. It can be caused by a fall, carrying heavy items, or even if you are involved in a car accident. But most of the back pain is usually caused by the activities which we do daily such as sitting on the computer for a long time, carrying heavy items up to the stairs or even bending over when vacuuming the house.

The good news is that preventing back pain is not all that difficult. You only need to make a few adjustments or visit a chiropractor, and your back pains will be a thing of the past. Below are prevention tips to keep back pain at bay.

1)    Exercise

One of the first things you should do to prevent having back pain is by getting up and moving around. Muscles are meant to be moved. If your body is not in good shape, then you are more likely to experience pains even when you do simple movements.

Another reason why exercises help keep back pain away is that it helps in keeping your weight down. Being overweight, especially in your belly, can make your back to strain.

2)    Lighten your load

When carrying any load, ensure that the weight of the item is ten percent less than your body weight. For example, if you are weighing 120lbs, the bag you are carrying should be less with ten pounds. If it is a must that you carry heavy items, make sure that you place them at the bottom of the bag. Also, ensure that you alternate the bag between your two shoulders during the day.

3)    Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies are made up of about 70% of water.  Drinking enough water keeps your body fluid instead of being stiff. Water is good for every process in the body, and also it helps to keep the body in shape, which in return reduces back pain.

4)    Find a Good Sleeping Position

There are various sleeping positions which can put a strain on your back. It is good for you to find the best sleeping positions which will not strain your back.

You can use your judgment and the sleeping position, which gives you comfort to find your ideal sleeping position.

5)    Reduce Stress

You might not know that stress can affect your back and cause pains. Stress can make your muscles to be tense, and the tension can lead to back pains. Any activity which you do to prevent stress can significantly ease the back pains.

Some of the activities which you can indulge in to prevent stress include yoga, deep breathing, meditation, biofeedback, guided imagery, and tai chi.

6)    Avoid Smoking

It’s well known that smoking is not good for your health, and it can cause many diseases such as lung cancer and heart diseases. Smoking can also cause back pains. Research has also proved that smoking can make existing back pain to become worse.


You can make simple lifestyle changes to ease the back or visit a chiropractor. However, if the back pain persists, you can seek medical intervention.

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